Eligibility to attend Level 1 Core Child Training

In order to attend Part 1 of EMDR child training you must have attended a Part 1 of a basic EMDR accredited course, or the old Level 1 Accredited EMDR training. Certificate copies will be asked for as evidence of attendance. You must be working with children in your workplace and have experience of working with children,  you agreeing to this by applying for the course.

Eligibility to attend Level 2 Advanced Child training

In order to attend Level 2 of EMDR child training you must have completed an EMDR Europe Accredited course and have attended a Level 1 EMDR Europe Accredited child training. There should be at least 6 months consolidation time from when you attended the Level 1 training. We ask that EMDR has been used with at least 3 children under the age of 18 including at least 1 child in which it was appropriate to use a developmental protocol at the point you attend the Level 2.



Susan Darker-Smith - EMDR Europe Consultant & Accredited Child & Adolescent Trainer

Susan is an accredited EMDR Consultant and an accredited Europe Child Trainer who works in a CAMHS team within the NHS alongside her private work.

She has been actively involved in the formation of a National Trauma Response Service in the UK offering group and early intervention EMDR for victims of National terrorist attacks and natural disasters (initially in response to children displaying trauma symptoms in the weeks following the Manchester terror attack). 

Susan has a wealth of experience in working with complex and dissociative client groups and through this work, she developed an EMDR protocol for working with young people with attachment difficulties and emerging emotional unstable personality disorders.  She has lectured at a national and global level on her research and interventions in both EMDR and CBT.

Susan is currently working alongside clinicians both from a paediatric background who work with EMDR and pain and clinicians working with looked after children, to see if different protocol modifications are more effective in helping these specific client groups to recover.

Susan currently sits on the EMDR UK & Ireland child and adolescent section alongside being a Trustee of the National Trauma Response Service.  

In addition to teaching the EMDR Child Trainings, Susan facilitates for the EMDR Academy and additionally teaches advanced-skills EMDR master-classes.