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Refresher Course

*Terms & Conditions


You must have experience and be currently working with children to attend this training.

Eligibility to attend Level 1 Child Training

In order to attend Part 1 of EMDR child training you must have attended a Part 1 of a basic EMDR accredited course, or the old Level 1 Accredited EMDR training.  All applicants for Level 1 Child training will be asked to send/email a copy of their certificate from their EMDR Part 1 or Level 1 trainings as evidence. Please upload them with your application form.

You must be working with children in your workplace and have experience of working with children,  you agreeing to this by applying for the course.

Eligibility to attend Level 2 Child training

In order to attend Level 2 of EMDR child training you must have completed an EMDR Europe Accredited course and have attended a Level 1 EMDR Europe Accredited child training.  All applicants for Level 2 training will be asked to show their Part 3 EMDR Basic training certificate and a Level 1 Child training certificate.

We ask that EMDR has been used with at least 3 children under the age of 18 including at least 1 child in which it was appropriate to use a developmental protocol at the point you attend the Level 2.

You must be working with children in your workplace and have experience of working with children,  you agreeing to this by applying for the course.


The EMDR Academy use Acuity scheduling to record and protect your application forms from this website.  Security and privacy of your information are taken seriously at Acuity, and we’ll never market to your customers or share your information with others. That’s the abridged version; but, you can read more about it in the Acuity privacy policy.

The EMDR Academy via The Stress & Trauma Centre Ltd want you to know that any personal data related to you and your booking and attendance on our training courses is kept electronically and with the utmost care to be GDPR compliant. As a company we are required to keep a log of your attendance on our EMDR trainings as proof of attendance. EMDR Europe sometimes request that we provide them of training numbers , but at no point are names or personal data shared. If at any point you should want your data removed from our training log then you have every right to request this. Please read our privacy policy.

It is forbidden for anybody to record sensitive material from the training, this includes the live clinical videos, practicals or clinical supervision sessions.


On receiving your application we will email you an invoice. We will then contact you within 5 working days for payment. Please ensure you provide a telephone number and correct email address. You will be asked to make a direct bank transfer or choose to pay by card. Once this has been confirmed you will be booked on the course and sent joining instructions.

Full payment confirms place.


Cancellations must be made in writing, either by post (recorded delivery) or confirmed email. When a cancellation is made more than 6 weeks prior to the training date it entitles a 50% refund. No refunds can be made when a cancellation is made less than 6 weeks prior to the date of your first booked training day. You will not be refunded even when your non attendance is due to sickness or bereavement.  Non-attendance without notification forfeits the fee. 

In the unlikely event of the course being cancelled or postponed for reasons outside of our control, The Stress & Trauma Centre Ltd will not be liable for travel and/or accommodation costs incurred. However the full registration fee will be refunded or alternative dates arranged. 


If a delegate is unable to attend and a replacement is nominated there will be a £50 +VAT administration charge, subject to eligibility. Please contact The Stress & Trauma Centre to discuss this at least 14 days before the first training date.


You will be issued one manual per part of training.  Replacement if lost will be charged at £15 + VAT.

Replacement certificate if lost can be provided for a fee of £10 + VAT or free pdf version.


You are agreeing that you are currently working with children and have experience of working within a child clinical setting and meet the eligibility for each Level of the training you are applying for.
All applicants must be 21 years old and over. The delegate must meet the eligibility requirements laid out on this website. 
By applying for the training course you are agreeing to the cancellation policy and our Terms & Conditions.

The Delivery Date of the product is the date of the training course selected.