Training Venues



The Union Jack Club is a unique and inspiring meeting venue in the heart of London.  Located close to Waterloo Station.  The Union Jack Club is a charity foundered by Ethel McCaul, a Red Cross nurse, who was adamant that servicemen and women from the ranks should have a haven for themselves in the Capital. Ethel McCaul’s vision remains the Union Jack Clubs primary role today, supporting serving and former members of the Armed Forces and their families. 

If you are driving into London the nearest large car park is

Doon Street
SE1 9PP  However this is up to £17 /day

We would advise the train, as the venue is very close to Waterloo station.

You are able to book a room at The Union Jack Club as you are attending a course there, this is at a reasonable cost for London and no commuting !


Northern Ballet is a unique city centre venue that not only offers world-class dance facilities, but also provides an exceptional location for training events.  Utilisation of this venue helps to support a charitable cause investing in the future and making a real and positive impact on communities across the UK.

The venue is an award-winning eco-friendly building that will comfortably host EMDR Training providing a relaxed atmosphere.

There are two public car parks within close proximity-the longer stay is NCP.

Quarry Hill Car Park is a public car park right next to the building.
NCP Car Park is next to the bus station and only a five minute walk away - we can validate your ticket bringing a full day park down to £6 from £15.

The venue is no more than 15 minute walk from the train station Directions are here.





Historic Chester provides a great location for training in the North West of England, with great transport links to North Wales, Staffordshire and beyond.

Car Park :

Delamere Street Car Park - CH2 2AY.   This is about £7.80 for the whole day and they accept card