The EMDR Academy is part of The Stress & Trauma Centre Ltd and there are 4 main services offered; the provision of EMDR training to mental health professionals, Clinical Supervision in EMDR to other mental health colleagues and EMDR therapy to private clients.


We are one of only 7 organisations to be approved by the European Association of EMDR for the delivery of accredited training. The EMDR Academy is the first new EMDR training company offering accredited course in the UK for over 7 years, extending the choice of approved providers available. EMDR training. We bring enthusiasm, energy and innovative ideas in the delivery of our accredited courses. The trainings include lots of video material of real clinical cases, live demonstrations and interactive exercises.

For more information follow this link: EMDR Accredited Training

EMDR Workshops

We develop and deliver EMDR CPD events to meet the needs of psychotherapists, psychologists, counsellors, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals to assist in advancing their EMDR practice and help them achieve their accreditation standards.  We specialize in the area of military and veteran’s mental health due to the background, experience and interest of Matthew Wesson, our clinical director and lead trainer.  We currently run in-person workshops but have plans to launch online training in the future.

EMDR Clinical Supervision

Matthew Wesson is the Clinical Director of The EMDR Academy and The Stress and Trauma Centre. As an EMDR Europe Accredited Trainer and Consultant, he provides a lot of our EMDR clinical supervision. He is an accomplished and skilled supervisor and has also been published and presented at conferences on this subject. Although specialising in EMDR clinical supervision, he can offer supervision to clinicians in both EMDR and CBT.  Other members of our team are sometimes available for clinical supervision.


EMDR Therapy

Matthew is very active in his clinical role as an EMDR Therapist and CBT therapist, and has a regular client base.  We are a team that believe putting theory to practice is imperativeto keep skills up to date and current.

For more information follow this link: EMDR Therapy

Our Team

The EMDR Academy is lead by EMDR Europe Accredited Trainer, Matthew Wesson.  To find out more about him and our team follow this link: Our Team