+ I've worked in mental health for many years why am I not eligible to attend?

The criteria for EMDR Training is set out by The EMDR European Association and The EMDR Association of U.K & Ireland. This is the set standard that they decide to permit access to training in this powerful psychotherapy. All EMDR accredited trainers follow the same strict guidance. All professions that are eligible to attend are listed on the eligibility page We recognise that many applicants are very experienced but you must have a core mental health profession or be accredited (or applied for) accreditation with your governing body in order to attend. If you have applied for accreditation you must have this confirmed as being achieved before you attend the Part 3 training. If you or your accredited body want to appeal that their organisation should be recognised in the eligibility criteria, please put this in writing to The EMDR Association of U.K & Ireland

+ My employer is going to fund my place. What do I need to do to apply?

Please complete the booking form in the EMDR Training drop down box-Employers Application Form. We cannot accept bookings without a Purchase Order Number, if your work do not require this please provide the exact person to send your invoice to. We do ask that if payment has not been received before the course we take your card details as security for payment, we would only charge this card if the employer has not paid within 3 months post course.

+ When will my place be confirmed?

Your place can only be confirmed on payment of the deposit (if bookings all 3 parts) or the full amount if booking an individual part. A completed application form does not hold a space.

Please note that places can get filled very quickly (We advise you book a few months in advance). If your employer is funding the place please refer to the above question and answer.

+ Do I have to attend all 3 Parts within a set time scale?

You must have sufficient time (at least 8 weeks) in between parts. You can attend parts with a longer time scale in between to make the training more flexible but you will not receive our discount on training as we do encourage you to book the 3 parts together to remain focussed on training and so you can become an EMDR Therapist sooner to benefit your client group.

+ Do I need to book all 3 parts in the same location?

You don't if the dates or for other reasons that doesn't suit you but you only receive the 5% discount if you book all 3 parts at the same time in the same venue.


+ I only work with children, can I do the training?

Yes, again as long as you meet the eligibility criteria. You are required to work with a least 3 clients during the training, if you only work with children these should be adolescents and emotionally mature older children. This is a generic training and modifications to adapt to working with children will not be covered on the basic training therefore please make sure you choose clients that you will be able to deliver the standard protocol.

It is then good practice and highly recommended that you then attend an EMDR Accredited Child Training following your basic accredited training. In order for you to to attend Part 1 child training you must have done at least Part 1 and Part 2 (Old Level 1) of basic EMDR 7 day training. You must have completed all 3 parts of basic 7 day EMDR accredited training to access Level 2 child training. You must be working with children to attend the Child training, and you are agreeing to this in the terms and conditions.

To become an accredited Child & Adolescent (C&A) EMDR Practitioner you to be a standard EMDR Practitioner first, then it's 25 C&A clinical cases plus additional C&A supervision.

+ I'm funding myself, how do I pay?

If you book all 3 parts of training we do allow a 25% deposit initially to confirm your place, and then ask for final payment 75% 6 weeks before Part 1. The deposit is only applicable when all 3 parts are booked together. This is to help you break down the cost. Plus if you book all 3 parts at the beginning you save 5% on the total cost. You can pay by bank transfer or our secure Gocardless system which asks you to sign to a direct debit where the deposit is taken at 7 days and final balance automatically taken out on the due date.

+ Do I need to get separate clinical supervision whilst on training?

No. By all means if you feel that you want to access further supervision during training this is okay, however The EMDR Academy will provide the full 10 hours clinical supervision whilst on training. You will need to seek further clinical supervision post course, and if you want to aim towards accreditation with EMDR UK & Ireland this has to be with an EMDR Consultant.

The 7 days training includes 10 hours of clinical supervision from an EMDR consultant / trainer. In Part 1 we provide 2 hours group supervision to help commence your EMDR clinical work as soon as possible following the training.

There are often questions regarding working with clients and you must bring them to Clinical supervision time on Part 2 (4 hours) and Part 3 (4 hours). The below clinical supervision instructions are very important, please read the following:

-If you do not present a client that you have processed a memory with during the clinical supervision time in Parts 2 and 3 then this cannot count towards your supervision hours. As such you will not meet the course completion criteria as set by EMDR Europe.-If you have not achieved this and want to continue with the course or complete it you must arrange your own clinical supervision hours from an EMDR Europe Accredited Consultant at your own expense. -If you did not get to processing by the time of Part 2, then you would need to source 4 hours extra supervision from an EMDR Consultant. If you still have not moved to processing with your clients by Part 3 then you would need to source 8 hours EMDR consultant supervision. This can be group or individual but has to be with an EMDR Europe Accredited Consultant and involve discussing all phases of the 8 Phase EMDR Therapy protocol during these hours. -If you have commenced into the trauma confrontation phases with your 3 clients (minimum) during the 3 parts, then you do not have to source additional supervision but many delegates find this useful. We discuss this during each part of the training, along with recommendations post-training.

+ Am I qualified in EMDR once I complete the 7 days training?

Yes. The EMDR Association of U.K. and Ireland suggest that you use the title 'EMDR Therapist' once you've completed the full 7 days. You don't have to do further training after this point, although we recommend ongoing EMDR CPD and clinical supervision after the training to keep your skills current. Whilst under training you are considered a 'EMDR Trainee Therapist'. After you complete the 3 Part course you can work towards becoming an EMDR Europe Accredited Practitioner, which requires additional supervision and clinical experience to demonstrate your competence. However this route is not mandatory (although recommended) after the basic 7 day training. The EMDR Association of U.K. and Ireland website has full details of this process.

+ Can I use EMDR with my clients after Part 1 training?

Yes and you should! It's a psychotherapy training, so the more you use it with clients during the Parts, the more you will gain from the training. To complete the course you have had to have used it with at least 3 clients during the 3 Part training.

+ I only work with very complex clients, can I still attend?

Yes. EMDR has a growing evidence base with complex trauma. We discuss client selection a great deal during each part of the training, including in our clinical supervision sections. Even though more straightforward clients are often a better choice when you are starting out, we will give you many ideas of how to work with more complex presentations if you never work with single incident trauma.

+ What if I need to cancel, defer my course or change venues?

Please read our terms and conditions carefully which fully explains the cancellation and deferring course places.

+ I'm pregnant-can I attend the training?

Please do get in touch with us if you are in the 1st or 3rd trimester of pregnancy. This is because you work on some of your own memories during the course which may increase your emotions and you may find upsetting or cause distress. We sometimes have delegates that are pregnant and attend the course. We advise those that they do so purely at their own risk because they will still have to work on their own material during the course as an essential part of the training. If they still attend we then advise them to work with easier / safer memories.

Please also inform the trainer prior to the training if you suffer with vertigo, inner ear problems, migraines or epilepsy.

+ I am eligible to attend but I'm not currently in clinical practice, can I still attend?

The above question covers this;

  • To complete the course you have had to have used it with at least 3 clients during the 3 Part training.

+ I began my training with a different EMDR Europe Accredited Training provider. Can I transfer across to The EMDR Academy?

Yes, this is possible but because every training provider structures the 7 days slightly differently you will need to contact us to discuss this further.

+ Do I need to join the EMDR Association of U.K. and Ireland during the training?

It is not a requirement but we do recommend it as you receive many benefits as a member which we detail during the training. Also, if you join during your training the first year of membership is completely free.

+ Is there any course work to complete during the 3 parts?

There is no written course work required but you do you to have used it with at least 3 clients between Part 1 and Part 3.

+ I don't often get referred clients with PTSD, is it still worth me doing the training?

Yes, definitely! Even though EMDR has its strongest evidence base in PTSD, there are numerous studies demonstrating its efficacy in many other conditions like phobias, anxiety, pain management, phantom limb pain, depression amongst many others. Please read more on our other website pages such as