Why you must train in EMDR

Most clinicians are aware that EMDR is recommended by many national and international organisations (including NICE and WHO) in the treatment of PTSD.

Listen to the world renowned trauma researcher, author & therapist Bessel Van de Kolk describing a fascinating clinical case in this free short video – and learn insights how EMDR is the ONE TOOL all trauma therapists must have.  Click here to watch the free video now.  You just need to submit your email address to access the free video.  It’s well worth watching.

However, EMDR can be utilised in the treatment of many other mental health conditions in addition to PTSD.  EMDR can provide you with an alternative clinical tool that could create results where other therapy approaches have failed.

Below is a free 1 hour Webinar by the founder of EMDR, Dr Francine Shapiro Ph.D entitled “The Past is Present”.  It explains the research around the effectiveness of EMDR and why it can be very effective in the treatment other disorders that are not traditionally seen as Trauma based.


Video To help explain EMDR to Children-EMDR Association UK & Ireland