David Blore is a Consultant Psychotherapist. He was trained in EMDR by Francine Shapiro in the mid-1990’s and became a training Facilitator in1997 and a Founding EMDR Consultant in 2001. He previously worked as an accredited CBT therapist from 1994-2014. He is a skilled EMDR Facilitator and we are lucky to have him work with The EMDR Academy.  He is taking the lead in the delivery of some of the specialised EMDR Workshops we offer including ‘The Blind-to-Therapist Protocol’. Other workshops being planned will include: ‘Using EMDR in a Time-limited Environment’ and ‘Welcome to Your Potential: EMDR and Positive Psychology’. David works as a therapist and supervisor in York and as a specialist visiting lecturer in EMDR at Teesside University. He completed a PhD at the University of Birmingham on the ‘Phenomenology of Psychological Change following Road Traffic Crashes’. David has been using EMDR for 23 years and is an expert in occupational-related disasters. He has also been involved in humanitarian projects in Turkey and Russia and has numerous publications on the use of EMDR treatment of psychological trauma as diverse as Francine Shapiro’s second book: ‘EMDR, the Breakthrough Therapy’ and ‘Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for Dummies’ (!) He is the author of ‘In Search of the Antonym to Trauma’. David’s CV is available here.  

For more details about David and what he can offer please visit his own website.