EMDR Europe Accredited Consultant

EMDR Europe Accredited Facilitator

Registered EMDR Institute Facilitator

RMN (Higher Award), BSc Hons, Dip DTh, Dip PTh.

Trustee & Treasurer of EMDR Association UK & Ireland

Kath has worked in the mental health field since 1981. Kath trained in Psychodrama and as a Dramatherapist whilst at the same time, training as a mental health nurse.  Kath managed and had a leading role in delivering therapeutic interventions to a modified therapeutic community for 5 years in the 90’s and subsequently worked within the NHS as a specialist for 20 years.  She is experienced in working with clients of all ages and presenting with all manner of issues in the full range of complexity. She has worked in in-patient, semi-secure, medical and out-patient settings but currently runs her own private practice.  She sees herself as a trauma specialist, as in her view everyone that seeks psychological help has been wounded in some way. Since discovering EMDR in 2002, although she continues to draw upon her other psychotherapy skills, it has become her preferred therapeutic modality and she is deeply committed to the development of this amazingly effective treatment.