The EMDR Academy Accredited Therapy Training

Welcome to The EMDR Academy Accredited Training Page.  Here you can find more about our exciting, innovative, interactive and engaging EMDR Accredited Training Courses.

EMDR Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a powerful and transformational psychotherapy that is recommended by NICE and many other international bodies for the treatment of PTSD. More recently the World Health Organisation (WHO) has also endorsed it for the treatment of PTSD in both adults and children, on the back of huge amounts of scientific evidence proving its efficacy. Alongside PTSD there are many published peer reviewed studies showing its effectiveness with a very large range of mental health conditions including phobias, different anxiety disorders, grief, low self-esteem, complex trauma, chronic pain amongst others.

EMDR is not a technique; it is a psychotherapy that provides trained clinicians a new way of working with their clients. Many professionals significantly change their clinical practice as they gain more experience in this approach. Some go on to choose it as their main therapeutic modality and others effectively use it alongside their other therapy approaches.

Your health:

Please do get in touch with us if you are in the 1st or 3rd trimester of pregnancy.  This is because you work on some of your own memories during the course which may increase your emotions and you may find upsetting or cause distress. We sometimes have delegates that are pregnant and attend the course.  We advise those that they do so purely at their own risk because they will still have to work on their own material during the course as an essential part of the training.  If they still attend we then advise them to work with easier / safer memories.

Please inform us if you suffer with vertigo, inner ear problems, migraines or epilepsy. 

EMDR Europe & UK Accredited Training

The EMDR Academy is one of the very few organisations in the UK that have been approved by the European Association to deliver EMDR accredited training. That means that both the content of the course has been approved and also the EMDR trainer has been gone through a extensive training program and deemed competent. There are many companies that offered EMDR training on that you will find on Google but if they are not accredited then their quality cannot be assured. More importantly you can only work towards becoming an EMDR Europe Accredited Practitioner if you have attended the accredited training.

In accordance with EMDR European Association Criteria there are also criteria laid down as to who can attend accredited training courses due to the powerful nature of this psychotherapy.