“Throughout the training event Matt came across as a much organised, well boundaried professional. He appeared to have excellent knowledge and understanding of the subject area and would often share personal examples from his professional experience and background. Matt was very likeable and engaging. He relaxed the group with his relaxed approach and sense of humour, whilst keeping a professional and boundaried stance.  I felt engaged and encouraged whilst being supervised and tutored by Matt, his no no-nonsense approach helped to keep the group grounded, adding a sense of safety, structure and boundaries; because of his precise timekeeping all the supervisees were able to participate and share fully. Overall Matt came across as a consummate professional with a ‘realness’ and approachability.” – Lorraine Haynes, Specialist Counsellor and Psychotherapist

“Matthew Wesson is one of a small number of mental health trainers with whom I have worked who is able to translate complex material into easy to digest mouthfuls of information which students are able to consume easily and enjoy the taste as they do so. His wonderful teaching style enables students to quickly grasp both the conceptual and factual elements of the subject being taught and his student feedback is universally excellent. I know him to be a highly dependable individual who is passionate about teaching and delivering high quality evidence based therapy. He is able to adapt to the needs of highly varied audiences, helping them develop clinical and therapeutic skills. We have co-authored several articles in peer reviewed scientific journals to ensure that learning is disseminated widely and his mind is well attuned to evidence based practice. Overall, Matthew is a highly dedicated teacher and communicator who is able to get the best from his students as he helps them acquire a wide range of mental health skills including EMDR.” – Professor Neil Greenberg, Professor of Defence Mental Health, King’s College London and President of the UK Psychological Trauma Society.

“I found Matt’s trainings very well delivered in a clear, intelligent and resourceful way. There was a good balance of delivery between theory and practical session. Matt illustrated the theory with clinical examples of his work with the specific client group. He is very generous with handouts and very approachable to discuss EMDR. I would attend further workshops given by Matt and I would recommend others to attend.” – Helen Rooney MA, UKCP, BABCP, BACP, UKRC, EMDR Accredited, BABCP Accredited Supervisor

“I have thoroughly enjoyed a number of Matt’s training events.  As an experienced accredited cognitive behavioural therapist ,lecturer and trainer I am increasingly aware of the need to enjoy learning if it is to remain meaningful.  I find Matt’s relaxed but thorough teaching style very enjoyable and I never leave his sessions feeling short changed.” – Angela Roberts MA, Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

“I found Matt’s teaching style engaging and confident. Matt’s delivery of the training demonstrated competency and understanding of the therapeutic model and theory. Matt was knowledgeable and he made the training interesting and relevant to those attending. Attendees came from varying therapeutic backgrounds and the appropriate use of clinical examples, including examples of pitfalls, made the training more meaningful and applicable to practice. The training exercises, which could use attendees own material, were set up clearly and in an environment that felt safe as Matt created an atmosphere which was containing and supportive. In my opinion Matt facilitated the training to make the optimum use of the training time and it maintained focus which ensured the training objectives were met. Matt’s teaching style, which has an appropriate use of humour, allows for a relaxed but professional approach leading to training that felt highly satisfactory, did not disappoint and allowed me to leave with an understanding of the theory and skills I required to start practising a differing therapy approach”. -Naomi KirbyBABCP Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (Leeds IAPT)

I found Matthew to be very clear throughout and training, He was organised, very professional and engaging. He described the practice and theory of the 8 phase EMDR process with enthusiasm. Matthew gave complex information about the AIP process in a manageable way giving you the confidence to ‘have a go’. He is very approachable and he makes asking question easy. He has a positive teaching style, good pace, and he keeps you engaged. I rarely attend full day training events without a ‘little drift’ but with the mixture of his enthusiasm about EMDR, his teaching aids- video, small group activates and Q&A I was kept totally engaged.  I found EMDR Academy training to be enjoyable, very informative and engaging. – Kathryn Trueman, Senior Psychological Therapist, Health Psychology. BABCP Therapist, RMN.

Here’s a small sample of comments from the feedback forms of our Accredited Training.

“A comprehensive insight into the therapeutic process of EMDR and confidence to go ahead and start to use EMDR with my patients.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the training and am looking forward to coming back for the next part.”

"Matt and Sue's passion, skill and confidence in delivering EMDR to help clients with even the most complex difficulties excites me to develop my own skills in EMDR."

"Brilliant case studies, personal practice was enlightening. very supportive & constructive supervision with Sue helped boost my confidence. Matt is very approachable and enabling. I loved it ! Thanks"

“Really good balance of material, powerpoint, video and supervision.  Encouraged to build confidence over the course.”

“The training was excellent.  I am left recognising the breadth of application for EMDR with my client group.”

“I have gained further skills in terms of formulating ‘trauma’ in a wider sense.  I can see EMDR as more broadly applicable than trauma-focused CBT.”

“I gained an enormous amount from this training.  I feel well-prepared to begin my first steps into EMDR practice and well-supported in doing so.”

“Lots of personal and professional gains and learning from this training plus the ability to interweave EMDR into my current practice.”

“A good understanding of the procedures involved and enough practice, supervision and discussion to feel enthusiastic, keen and willing to try EMDR in practice.”

Here’s a small sample of comments from our feedback forms from our Workshops.

“Great pace, kept it lively and interesting. Very useful.”

“Better understanding, tips on how to implement specific cognitive interweaves, excellent teacher!”

“A Great presenter”

“Probably the best training I’ve been on, normalised some of my fears re EMDR and its use”

“Excellent training, great amount of material covered, extremely relevant to clinical practice and easy to apply straight away.”

“Matt was very approachable, friendly and knowledgeable “

“Very well organised and excellently presented. Thoughtfully researched and held my attention all day, many thanks”

“Matt is a great trainer.”

“Very clear presentation, well delivered and organised.”

“Clear delivery and a good case examples.”

“Lively and credible. “

“Great to hear of Matt’s experience. Lots of interesting ideas I can relate to.”

“I particularly enjoyed Matt’s teaching style and use of humour.”

“Matt was extremely clear and brought ideas together in a very practical way.”

In addition, our teaching averages between Very Good and Excellent on our Feedback forms.

“I found Matt very clear in his description of the theory and practice of EMDR and he was able to provide examples of practice that illustrated the points under examination at the time.  Matt has a very open and approachable manner and he uses humour well to engage the trainees in the group, successfully lifting the feeling of being deskilled that arises when trying something new and enabling people to approach the lovely of the skills with interest and enthusiasm.  Matt was very willing to answer questions and clarify any confusion but he also ensured that the training timetable was followed so that all the required information was shared in a manageable timeframe.  Whilst approachable and open to discussion, Matt was not side tracked by interesting but less relevant questions.  Overall I have enjoyed Matt EMDR training and I was able to learn much from his extensive clinical experience through his ability to present his knowledge in an open and accessible manner.” – Dr Lisa Butler, C.Psychol, Clinical Psychologist, BABCP Therapist, IAPT Service and Clinical Manager.